Nothing is worse than a bad break out, especially as the weather gets warmer and you want to show off your skin.

Here are five tips to get your skin back under control and glowing!
1. Watch Your Dairy
Milk contains ingredients similar to the testosterone hormone that has been shown to trigger our skin’s oil glands, causing an increase in breakouts. Many people see immediate improvement in their skin when removing dairy entirely, or significantly cutting back. Try cutting out dairy entirely for a month, and then slowly reintroducing small amounts at a time to see what amounts trigger breakouts on your body. Using “alternative” dairy, like goat milk, can help as well. Be sure to restore the calcium your body would usually glean from your daily dairy with other calcium rich foods like kale, sardines, and broccoli.

2. Upgrade Your Product

Trying to decide between high end skin care products, and heavily marketed drugstore skin care products can be confusing at times. Do you really get what you pay for when it comes to cleansers and moisturizers? YES. Why, you might ask? The ingredients!

When deciding what to purchase you want to look at the active ingredients contained in a single bottle. Many drugstore brands contain a high percentage of filler ingredients that allow their prices to be much lower. Active ingredients are usually listed higher on the ingredient list, and with some brands you can read the exact percentage.

3. Use A Clarisonic
Our skin is perpetually prone to dirt, makeup, sweat, oil, and pollution. These substances fill our pores with a stubborn coating that causes our skin to appear rough, congested, and unhealthy. To make the situation worse, this layer of grime can act as a barrier to our skincare products, which as we’ve discussed, you get what you pay for. Don’t let your high end products go to waste on resistant skin. Clarisonic uses a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second, which cleanses six times better than just using your hands. It has been clinically proven to loosen deep-seated congestion, work your cleanser to it’s limit, and prime your skin to absorb topical treatments more efficiently.

4. Remove Your Makeup 
While makeup can act as a barrier to the outside world, if left on overnight, it can quickly turn on you. The absolute first step in clear skin is to always always always remove your makeup before you go to bed at night. Did you hear me? Always. Makeup clogs pores and causes acne, this is a fact. Don’t wake up to pimples that are entirely preventable. You can use a makeup remover, cleanser, or toner to remove makeup, but make sure to use special and specific makeup remover for your eyes. Tiny mites love to eat leftover mascara, and the skin around your eye is far too sensitive for typical facial makeup removers. Leaving on eye makeup can also cause allergic reactions, irritation to contacts, and infection. Clean pink cheeks are way cuter than pink eye, just saying.

5. Morning and Evening Routine
Create a skincare regimen that you can be completely loyal to, morning and evening. Consistency is key here, as its repeated use that leads to longterm clear skin. Cleansing and moisturizing are the bare minimum here. Even though you don’t have makeup to remove in the morning, don’t skip here. A nights worth of sweat and dirt is resting on your face and will get pushed further into your pores if you apply makeup without cleansing and priming first.