Now is the perfect time to come in to Unity Salon to pick out your fresh hair cut and color for the coming fall season. Summer in Salt Lake City is unfortunately over, so in preparation for the colder months ahead, you can start making the transition slowly and gently for the benefit of your hair’s health. We’ve been lucky to have some extra sunlight and warmth before the fall really sets in, which makes it that much more important to make the most your summer hair before diving into a whole new look.

So here are three tips to transition towards a winter friendly hair color, while maintaining your hair’s integrity.

1. Darken your roots.

This fall season, natural roots are IN. You can get ahead of the trend by coming in to darken your roots a shade or two for that more natural appearance.

2. Go Bronde

If you are in the blonde family, take it a few shades darker to a light brown with caramel and buttery highlights. This will be the perfect color for the colder Utah winter to come, while still keeping the summery lightness you’ve grown used to.

3. Rusted Copper

Red is a traditional fall color option, and rusted copper is a fun shade to try for these last few days of sunshine. It will reflect the light and still hint at the fall colors just around the color.

What are your favorite colors for fall? What do you plan to try out this season?

Leave us a comment and let us know!