Autumn is a time for flannels and fire. You still want to feel put together when you are up Little Cottonwood Canyon roasting marshmallows, here are some tips:
1. Bold Brows: Dark cloudy days means bold makeup looks less harsh and rigid. Bold eyebrows can be accomplished in a few ways: eyebrow tinting, or filling in with makeup. If you are looking to take your eyebrow game to the next level, come in and consult with us!
2. Dark Berry Lips: Darker colors are easier to pull off on these coming cloudy months. Pick a soft berry shade in order to not overpower your face, and remain in a natural fall palette.
3. Less Contour: Bold makeup is beautiful, but bad contour is not. Blend, blend, blend! Don’t be afraid to go with the season and rock paler skin with a little less bronzer than usual.
5. Messy Hair: Messy hair is the perfect way to soften bold makeup. In order to still look put together make sure your hair is soft, healthy, and shiny. Come in for a blow out and a deep condition in order to achieve this look.
6. “Natural” Smokey Eye: Using dark browns, instead of black, is a perfect alternative to still have bold strong eyes while having a more neutral “autumn” look. We would love to help you try out some new looks and shades hand selected just for you.
Let us get your bold beauty game on to the next level here at Unity Salon in Salt Lake City!