Salt Lake City has so many Halloween activities coming up just around the corner, it’s time to get your costume plan in place. Animal inspired Halloween costumes have taken a turn for the trendy. The emphasis has been placed more on makeup and less on clothing. A simple black or brown unitard or leggings and t-shirt can be easily pulled off with an elegant animal inspired makeup design.

Here are some tips to pull off this Owl inspired look:
1. Emphasize the eyes: Using white shadow with a heavy eyeliner emphasizes your eye makeup and adds an animal-like appearance to your face. Owls notable feature is there eyes
2. Bring in the contour: Halloween is the perfect excuse for you contour lovers to go crazy. Add dimension to your cheekbones and chin to exaggerate your features.
3. Natural lips: Draw more attention to your eyes by making the rest of your features disappear. Use nude and natural colors for your lips and foundation. If you are feeling a bit cheeky, line your lips with a color a few shades darker to create a natural beak impression.
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