Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a technique used to increase the volume and length of your hair by adding 100% natural hair close to the scalp.

At Unity Salon we use only the highest quality hair for our extension services. Extension hair comes in an array of colors and textures which allows you to match your natural hair as close as possible. We offer several different methods: beaded wefts, keratin, beaded singles and tape. Beaded wefts are our most popular method as it is gentle on your natural hair, lays very close to the scalp and can last for 6-8 months with proper maintenance.

With natural hair extensions you have the ability to curl, color and wash/style your new-found length. If long, voluminous hair is what you desire then these high quality 100% natural extensions are just the thing for you!

To schedule an extension consultation with Lacey Burton please book online at: or call 801-410-4591