The most basic and important thing you can do to maintain a healthy head of hair is to shampoo/rinse your hair the right way. You should also know that water and shampoo need to be used sparingly as they are the main culprits for drying out your hair. Now that you know that, it is equally important to know that you should wash your hair every other day at the most. We suggest using one of Kevin Murphy’s hair products.

  1. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Your hair should be completely soaked before applying shampoo. The use of warm water is very important, as it will open the cuticles in your hair.
  2. Gently massage shampoo into the roots of your hair. Use approximately a quarter size amount of Kevin Murphy shampoo.
  3. Do not shampoo the ends of your hair. The root is where the majority of your oils are, while the ends tend to be dryer and more delicate. Gently milk the shampoo through the ends.
  4. Rinse your hair and squeeze out the excess water. After thoroughly rinsing out all of the shampoo, gently squeeze the excess water from your hair at the midsection and end to prepare for the conditioner.
  5. Apply conditioner to only hair that needs it. Start at the ends and move up as needed.
  6. Rinse your hair.  Rinse with cool water. The cool water will close the cuticles and help to keep the moisture locked in and seal the oils in your hair. Leave in 1-2 minutes then partially rinse(leaving some conditioner as a treatment and styling aid in the hair)
  7. Apply a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioner evens out the precocity of your hair, leaving it stronger and healthier. The longer the hair the more necessary Leave in conditioner is.

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