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Rejuvinate your hands and feet with Unity Salon’s relaxing Manicure and Pedicure. Our Nail Technician’s specialize in Acrylic Nails, Gel Polish / Shellac, and Minx.

Acrylic Nails & Gel Nails

Service Description Starting Price
Full Set The application of professional artificial (acrylic nails or gel nails) to all fingers is a full set. In this service we groom your cuticles, extend your nails,  shape them (as requested), and buff.  Finally, we complete it with a polish of your choice.  Gel polish may be requested at an additional charge. $40 & up Acrylic Nails

$45 & up Gel Nails

Fill As your natural nails grow out, a gap between the natural nail and the acrylic or gel nail increases. The fill (or infill) fills in this area. We recommend that you fill approximately every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails at their optimal beauty and to change or refresh polish. $35 & up Acrylic & Gel Nails
French Manicure ( Pink & Whites ) Full Set Similar to the Full Set, except in the Pink and White fashion. A classic style where the nail over the nail bed is filled with pink acrylic (or gel) and the nail past it with white acrylic (or gel). A smile line between the two colors represents the end of your nail bed. $40 & up Acrylic Nails

$55 & up Gel Nails

Back Fill ( French Rebalance ) For those with a French Manicure (Pink and Whites) fashion of acrylic or gel nails. Over time the smile line gradually extends beyond that of your nail bed as your natural nails grow out. The backfill reworks the nails to return the smile line to it’s natural position. We recommend that you backfill the French Manicure fashion every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails at their optimal beauty. $40 & up Acrylic Nails

$45 & up Gel Nails

Single Nail Fix The repair or re-creation of a damaged acrylic nail or gel nail. $5

Mani – Pedi – Polish

Service Description Starting Price
Pedicure Keep your feet looking great and callus free with a pedicure.  As your feet soak we trim & buff your nails, groom cuticles, and apply polish (as desired).  We also reduce and remove calluses from your feet and toes, followed by exfoliation and a relaxing foot massage. $40 & up
Manicure Relax your hands and beautify your nails with a manicure.  We trim & buff your nails, groom cuticles, and apply polish.  Finally a hand massage leaves them feeling relaxed and pampered. $20 & up
Gel Polish – No Chip Gel polish is cured under our LED light, and offers a no chip polish for your nails with a high gloss finish and longer life.  You may add this to any nail service for an additional charge.  Change and removal requires service from your nail technician. $25 & up
Standard Polish Available in the widest array of colors, standard nail polish is also quick to apply. It may be removed easily at home. $10

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