1. What is your all time favorite hair trend and why?
 My favorite hair trend is Ombre and Balayage. I love the artistic side of free painting and the way that it is so versatile.
2. What is your favorite hair service to receive and why?
 I love to receive any hair service! I am a woman and what woman doesn’t like to get pampered!
3. How would your friends describe you? 
 My friends would describe me as bubbly, kind, a traveler, a funny person, and super stylish. Someone who makes them laugh, and an all around easy person to be around.
4. What three things are always found in your fridge?
 You can always find cookie dough, cheese and apple juice in my fridge.
5. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
 Where in the world have I not gone? Nah, really I would love to backpack across South Africa; visit the places I have not seen in Europe (ex. Ireland, Scotland, Sweden). I would also love to go visit Australia again and see all of the friends that I have made from living there for the last year.
6. Do you have any hidden talents, and what are they?
 I am an actress, I love to sing and play the piano. I am also really good at finding good deals while shopping.