1. What is your all time favorite nail trend and why?
 My favorite nail trend is Ombre glitter nails! I always find myself coming back to the Ombre design after any new    nail trend.
2. What is your favorite nail service to receive and why?
 I’d have to say a Pedicure for sure. I absolutely love to get my feet rubbed and scrubbed!
3. How would your friends describe you? 
 They would probably describe me as sassy, silly, fun to be around, nurturing, caring and friendly. But who knows… I’ve never asked! 😉
 4. What 3 things that are always found in your fridge?
  Beer, Chalula and eggs from the Co-op.
5. Where in the world would you most like to visit?
  My #1 pick would have to be Jamaica
6. Do you have any hidden talents, and what are they?
 I don’t have any hidden talents because all of my talents are out in the open! 😉