GlymedPlus • Wrinkle Remedy with Advanced Drone Technology


Receive a Gift Card with your Wrinkle Remedy purchase for an Antioxidant Exfoliating Peel Service ($55 value)

• GlymedPlus Winkle Remedy is formulated to target the most challenging wrinkles to restore younger acting skin.

• Antioxidant Exfoliating Peels are the perfect treatment to remove dead, dry skin and allow the product to get to work at the deepest level for outstanding results!

Bring back the youth of baby-like skin. This velvety luxurious formula saturates your skin with the most advanced wrinkle solution using scientific technology for cell aging reversal. Wrinkle Remedy is calibrated to restore collagen to a youthful cell level, refilling your wrinkles the natural way by lifting sagging skin targeting the cells as intelligent receptors located on the cell surface. This advanced wrinkle solution boosts hyaluronic-like acid found abundantly in infant’s skin, for a more youthful, younger looking and firmer skin.

The Advanced Drone Technology targets skin neurons to stimulate botox-like effects to minimize the communication channels for muscle contractions, providing unbelievably smooth skin.

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